An Ethical Dilemma, and A Patients Nightmare.

Mental Health Act, Capacity, & Euthanasia in the UK

Is the Mental Health Act being illegally used In Great Britain today?


This page is not finished yet, it is a work in progress, I am not well and can’t always write lots at a time 


To give you a little background to this post, I will share with you my own experiences. I may draw on other sources for reference, or comparisons, but it will mainly be written due to my own experiences, and the ethical dilemma Doctors and nurses face when the lines between mental and physical health blur.


I have been ill with various things for most of my life. Whether this was just unlucky, or if there is something more to it is a question I’ll never find the answer to because nobody is really interested – they want to treat the here and now, not bothered so much by the how. I question it because there’s a lot of illness in my maternal family, including a very rare illness, Downs Syndrome, and more.

I was about ten years old when my life of physical illness really began. I had some experience, I’d had my tonsils removed at eight, but many kids have that done. I’d had some horrific bouts of cystitis at a very young age – why is probably down to the condition that started the ride of a few highs, and far too many exceptionally low experiences with the NHS.

The start of the “mystery illness”  first hospitalised me overnight. I had crippling stomach pains, but they couldn’t find anything wrong, so I was sent on my way.

I was 12 when I started my periods, almost all the girls at that age were excited in an odd way – it is some sign we are ‘grown ups’ – the naivety of youth! I remember the night it happened quite clearly, the following day is a scar that will never fade. I went downstairs for my breakfast, all I had been thinking the entire time I was getting dressed was “Is this normal?”. By the time I sat for my breakfast I did not want to be a female, I did not want to have to put up with this pain for most of my life! It was unreal, I actually begged my Mum not to send me to school. My mum just said that this was something I was going to have to get used to, I wasn’t staying off school because I was on my period.  I remember my first lesson after registration was maths, provided it is still standing and unchanged, I could take you there now,  26 years later and show you exactly where I was sat. I could also show you where I had to run to in order to get to the toilets, and which cubicle I was violently sick in.  It was the pain which had made me sick.

The next several years of my life were an absolute nightmare. At school it did not matter if I went during break time to change my sanitary pad and tampon, if I was then in an hour long lesson I would flood to the point of it messing my skirt up. My mum used to have to write me letters to excuse me from P.E. at the worst times, or at the very least excuse me from showering after PE because I would have made such a mess in a communal shower. I don’t think you need much imagination to work out what bullies first taunted me over! Things went from bad to worse, I started getting crippling stomach pains after eating certain things, although oddly the same thing on another day I could eat no problem. I also started bleeding when I was opening my bowels. At about 13 years old as you can well imagine I sh uted for my Mum. She was alarmed by the amount of blood, and after it carried on happening she took me to the Drs. I have to be honest, I lost count of the various appointments, interspersed with emergency admissions to hospital with crippling stomach pains.

There are things I can’t forget no matter how hard I try. The investigation I had done called a sygmoidoscopy, I was screaming in pain, my mum was trying to comfort me, my dad outside in the waiting room had to leave because he couldn’t stand listening to me in so much pain. The Doctor was really very nasty, he told me to shut up, I was being ridiculous it didn’t hurt! At this point it is necessary to let you know that:

  • If you go & have this exact same procedure now, you are given either sedation or entonox (gas and air), so I am speculating that since that time they’ve discovered actually it does bloody hurt!
  • I have since also read posts on medical support forums where grown men have said they were in agony throughout the procedure.
  • When I eventually got diagnosed, regardless of whether or not that test hurt anyone else it would have hurt me!

By rights I was still a child at this tim, yet when I was admitted to hospital  I was always put on adult wards. One particular admission the lady in the bed next to me had gangrene in her feet – that sickly sweet smell has been etched in my memory forever. I heard another lady in the bed opposite me crash, the staff attempting CPR, her curtains being shut for ages, then she was just no longer there – I don’t think I actually realised at that point she had died, but it was still upsetting enough. I was on a drip, and wasn’t allowed to eat or drink. My Mum and Dad Knew I smoked, but they didn’t condone it as a rule,  however when one of the doctors tried telling them that there was nothing wrong with me, it was ‘all in my head’, and that all I did was sit in the TV room smoking, they’d not seen any evidence of rectal bleeding (well if a person is not eating for 9 days they tend not to to the toilet – odd that! My parents asked him what else did they expect me to do on an adult ward, with nothing to do, surrounded by extremely sick people, and when I wasn’t eating or drinking either?! I had also the week before just done a weeks worth of samples, I wasn’t allowed to eat red meat or brush my teeth to eliminate the blood coming from either source. So they also enquired why they weren’t looking at those samples, they’d seen them & knew there was blood in every single one! It later transpired after an investigation that the lab technician who had taken receipt of them had ‘forgotten to write in my notes about the blood, and didn’t send them for further evaluation, actually she accidentally threw them away! But never mind hey, I mean it was all in my head……..

At 16 as well as still suffering with my stomach, and the bleeding, I also got really ill, I also contracted a severe case of Glandular fever, it actually developed in to meningitis – it was timed to perfection, 2 weeks before my final exams.

My stomach issues were eventually diagnosed when I was 21, I mean 11 years was not bad was it…

Turned out I have Endometriosis, it was discovered during a laparoscopy (camera inserted in your stomach through the belly button.) A very prominent doctor in gynaecology happened to be visiting my local hospital at that time, and he specialised in Endometriosis. When I got back to the ward, and was awake the Doctors came and spoke with me, they explained What I had, and I was hit with the news that I would never have any children naturally again. Luckily I fell pregnant when I was 17 and have the most amazing son, he was not a planned baby, I was actually on the pill but was taking antibiotics,  my GP didn’t warn me that they could interfere with the pill working – but I would not change that for all the money in the world. I was still absolutely devastated That I was never going to give him any siblings, I always wanted at least 2 children. They told me that during the procedure they had tried to run dye through my fallopian tubes, but they were totally blocked. I even  had ‘guitar string’ of scar tissue going from my pelvis up to my liver, the specialist told Me I had the worst case he’d seen in 30 years – so at Least I won at something that day!

I could sit here for a few days and probably still be going through all the different operations, procedures, tests, illnesses and injuries I’ve had from then to now, so I will try to bring this first section to a bit of a close.

Currently I have Cirrhosis of the liver, stage 4, I have been suffering for over 2 years with spinal issues that have gotten worse and worse, No Doctor would listen to me in all honesty – I think they most definitely believed I was making up, or at the very least making things out to be worse than they are. I eventually found out in November (from an MRI I had done in The May when in hospital with my spinal symptoms…..), that I have a curvature in my cervical spine which is what affects my left arm, causes pain and all kinds in my shoulder, neck, shoulder blade, arm. I also in May had a bulging disc in my lumbar spine which even then was trapping the L5 S1 nerve roots. They did ANOTHER MRI While I was in hospital then – yet again I have still not been given any results for it!  After all these years I don’t give in to any illness easily, I’ve been up and out of bed after surgery when others are on morphine, so I am no wimp, but this pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone but rapists and paedophiles. Even my ex neighbour who had me so terrified I wouldn’t go to my own toilet during the night because you could hear through the walls – I wouldn’t even wish it on him. I have been prescribed painkillers for a long, long time with everything else (TO BE CONTINUED)