Diary Entries

Day 102, still there seems to be very little common sense here on earth amongst these humans, they are decidedly odd creatures. 

My pet human is an ideal example, it sat there watching the TV tonight, eating chocolate like there was nothing else going on in the world. 

I’m glad Unicorns are not like that, we are far too conscientious. You will never see a Unicorn sat around behaving like a slob, for a start cleaning glitter off the sofa afterwards is “too much like hard work” I heard it mumble after I put my hooves up for 5 minutes last week. 

It has not realised but that chocolate……. I swapped it for laxative chocolate! We Unicorns are great at practical jokes! 
Well I must trot along, many shenanigans that I need to get up to, I have to complete some posts for my blog for one thing – life is so busy for Unicorns honestly, we don’t have time to brush our mane most days! 
Later readers!
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