An NHS Patient Speaks

Doctors & nurses are going public  & saying outright say they do not have the resources to care for patients properly.

We have seen what all the tabloids have to say on the matter.

We hear about patients dying because they didn’t get seen in time.

Sometimes patients speak up, this is one of those times.

Imagine being in this situation yourself;

Doctors can’t find out what is wrong with the with patient, the patient knows it’s because there are not enough resources, but regardless the doctors label the patient crazy to give some kind of answer.

The patient tries to end their own life because they can’t take the physical pain they’re in, & it is an existence not a life when you have no real quality of life. The patient is found by chance, they’re brought back from the brink of death even though they’re terminally ill – the doctors then lock the patient up in a mental health unit for their own safety, to keep the patient from harming themselves again. However the mental health unit can’t cope with a very disabled or physically ill person – not least of all because the money they had for redesigning the wards has been lost. They do not have the correct equipment or enough staff to care for the patient properly & if the patient dies because the staff at the mental health unit know nothing about the patients complicated medical condition it seems that’s OK – as long as the patient didn’t kill themselves it’s completely acceptable.

It’s got to the point now where the patient doesn’t even bother with doctors because there is no point, there are many avenues that haven’t been explored, tests not done but we are back to the complete lack of resources within the NHS.

So free patient is left in genuine physical pain with visible swelling, abnormal blood tests, & audible snapping in the joint which has been witnessed by several individuals,  including the mental health social worker! But I’m sure it’s shared psychosis and there is no noise at all really.

The patient wishes they were just crazy because they could at least go out & source a way of putting themselves out of this misery.

Where is this happening you ask?

You won’t belive me but here goes, it is in Britain. It is in the year 2018, not 1918, not in a poor nation, it’s actually one of the richest nations in the world.

This is the nation that can afford to pay for 2 rich people to have an exuberant wedding because one was born with the right surname. The nation who can afford not to go after those who dodge paying taxes, instead hounding people like the patient, trying to say they don’t need PIP (disability benefits) at the rate they got DLA at, despite the fact that they are now worse. The country where this person has to prove they’re unfit for work when the entire system is set up against them. The country where MPs who are employees of the public can have pay rises, holidays, 2 homes – the list is pretty much endless – but it can’t afford to pay or pay for doctors, nurses and hospitals to stop the public suffering.

This has got to change. This is not just about which political party you support, or which ‘side’ you deem yourself or others to be on, this is one human saying to other humans this is not good enough. It could be you next, or your mum, or your child. Something has to change. The patient wouldn’t wish this on many people except perhaps on those in charge for a couple of days so they can ask them if they can imagine living that way for over a year.

The patient lies in bed broken & alone, tonight they’re in so much pain again that they can’t sleep, tears quietly rolling down their face because they haven’t even got the energy to cry properly, but the tears won’t stop.

I implore the Conservatives & Jeremy Hunt to take immediate action so nobody has to end up like this this, so people are not suffering in a similar way or as is often the case in a worse way up & down the Country every single day.


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There are probably some humans out there, who would question whether the NHS spending money on Mr Pearson is a waste of resources. As a visitor to your fine planet I strongly urge you to reconsider.

* Without Mr Pearson being kept in fine physical health, he would not be able to give his opinion on this matter.

* I have done a little bit of what you humans refer to as learning during my time on your planet. It would seem to me that it is likely Mr Pearson may have some kind of mental health problem. This could be making him come out with random statements – rather like Tourrettes. Treatment of mental health problems are just as important as treatment of physical ones. Without adequate assistance from the NHS it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, this man may go on suffering in silence – nobody would want that.

* Nigel is a local councillor for an area called Chard North, in Somerset. Nigel probably can’t afford to pay for private health care. That is another thing I have learnt since my arrival on Earth, nobody in this type of job is earning much money. They work tirelessly for the good of everyone on Earth, those in their Country, & local district, for very little in return.

* Freedom of speech seems to be a thing human beings are very proud of, & you will do anything to defend that freedom. If someone happens to disagree then it seems the way to solve things is to engage in name calling (I have noted humans are very lazy with their insults to be honest. Snowflake, social justice warrior, lefty, libtard, straw man, I fail to see how such words are an insult, but hey I am from Mars, so what do I know?).  
Without both sides of a book how do you keep the pages between in order?  It would be a real shame if you could not use the content of a book to evidence that something within the book is not that great. So we don’t want Nigel to be quiet, the more he talks the better. So again we absolutely must keep him healthy.

* To suggest Mr Pearson is a waste of resources, while arguing LGBT are not, is doing the self same thing as he is doing. Now as an Alien looking in on the human race, it would seem that this is exactly what making a controversial remark is designed to do. The controversial remarks are a set up.  And anyone who reduces themselves to the base level of what they are protesting against, is not going to help their side of the coin – as they wanted all along, those making these wild suggestions now have you looking bad.  So while this Alien thinks that the LGBT community here on earth are more than entitled to NHS funds being spent on them, I believe UKIP members & Mr Pearson are entitled to the same.

* On Mars we are able to tell by looking at someone if they are suffering from rising bile. This is an awful condition, it’s extremely painful, often debilitating. I can’t say for sure without speaking to him face to face, but from his picture it seems likely to me Nigel is suffering with rising bile. I think that is something that the NHS could treat for him, poor Nigel. Good job all you humans are sort of entitled to the same as one another!

* Nigel looks like he’s at the age when prostate cancer is much more likely to become an issue for males.  Regular prostate examination is required, & to deprive Nigel of a prostate examination is to deny him his human rights. I think I used human rights in the right context there?

Thanks for reading my take on this article.

A Unicorn from Mars

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