An NHS Patient Speaks

Doctors & nurses are going public  & saying outright say they do not have the resources to care for patients properly.

We have seen what all the tabloids have to say on the matter.

We hear about patients dying because they didn’t get seen in time.

Sometimes patients speak up, this is one of those times.

Imagine being in this situation yourself;

Doctors can’t find out what is wrong with the with patient, the patient knows it’s because there are not enough resources, but regardless the doctors label the patient crazy to give some kind of answer.

The patient tries to end their own life because they can’t take the physical pain they’re in, & it is an existence not a life when you have no real quality of life. The patient is found by chance, they’re brought back from the brink of death even though they’re terminally ill – the doctors then lock the patient up in a mental health unit for their own safety, to keep the patient from harming themselves again. However the mental health unit can’t cope with a very disabled or physically ill person – not least of all because the money they had for redesigning the wards has been lost. They do not have the correct equipment or enough staff to care for the patient properly & if the patient dies because the staff at the mental health unit know nothing about the patients complicated medical condition it seems that’s OK – as long as the patient didn’t kill themselves it’s completely acceptable.

It’s got to the point now where the patient doesn’t even bother with doctors because there is no point, there are many avenues that haven’t been explored, tests not done but we are back to the complete lack of resources within the NHS.

So free patient is left in genuine physical pain with visible swelling, abnormal blood tests, & audible snapping in the joint which has been witnessed by several individuals,  including the mental health social worker! But I’m sure it’s shared psychosis and there is no noise at all really.

The patient wishes they were just crazy because they could at least go out & source a way of putting themselves out of this misery.

Where is this happening you ask?

You won’t belive me but here goes, it is in Britain. It is in the year 2018, not 1918, not in a poor nation, it’s actually one of the richest nations in the world.

This is the nation that can afford to pay for 2 rich people to have an exuberant wedding because one was born with the right surname. The nation who can afford not to go after those who dodge paying taxes, instead hounding people like the patient, trying to say they don’t need PIP (disability benefits) at the rate they got DLA at, despite the fact that they are now worse. The country where this person has to prove they’re unfit for work when the entire system is set up against them. The country where MPs who are employees of the public can have pay rises, holidays, 2 homes – the list is pretty much endless – but it can’t afford to pay or pay for doctors, nurses and hospitals to stop the public suffering.

This has got to change. This is not just about which political party you support, or which ‘side’ you deem yourself or others to be on, this is one human saying to other humans this is not good enough. It could be you next, or your mum, or your child. Something has to change. The patient wouldn’t wish this on many people except perhaps on those in charge for a couple of days so they can ask them if they can imagine living that way for over a year.

The patient lies in bed broken & alone, tonight they’re in so much pain again that they can’t sleep, tears quietly rolling down their face because they haven’t even got the energy to cry properly, but the tears won’t stop.

I implore the Conservatives & Jeremy Hunt to take immediate action so nobody has to end up like this this, so people are not suffering in a similar way or as is often the case in a worse way up & down the Country every single day.


A Minor Miracle

My human pet wants to speak.  It has said if I don’t let it speak it will scratch my sparkle throne, so I have given in.  Do not blame me if this doesn’t make any sense, remember this is the human speaking, not I the majestic, noble, sensible, fabulous, glittery, pretty, deadly Unicorn!

Right, I am on limited screen time here, the Unicorn has already put the stopwatch on, so I’ll make this as brief as possible.  A minor miracle of sorts has happened today, I never anticipated agreeing with Katie Hopkins when I got up this morning.  Her article today, which also happens to be in the ‘newspaper’ I love to hate so a double shocker, is on the whole right.  I was pleasantly surprised reading it, it is not entirely without fault, but as the Unicorn is shouting at me after reading my mind again – we are human, as such, we are never ever going to agree with everything from another human, I hate it when that Unicorn is right!!

It is disgusting that at present our troops are only protecting the ones who caused the entire situation we are facing here in Britain today.  Love me, loathe Katie love Katie loathe me, whichever side of the fence you appear to fall, you cannot deny the Government caused this in a huge way.  I suspect she & I will have differing opinions on why they are to blame, speaking for myself if the Government will insist on going to illegal wars, & destroying entire nations in an extremely violent fight against extremist violence, then our government are going to end up having to shoulder the blame.  The current Prime Minister, & former home secretary also needs to explain when she keeps bleating on about how strong & stable she & her party are, why under the self-same party so many cuts have been made to the police, armed forces, in fact, it would be quicker to list where there haven’t been cuts!!  The same services who are unable to operate properly because of those cuts, so are unable to protect us in many different ways.  She also needs to explain how & why the criminal behind the despicable act of violence in Manchester was not picked up & slung in a cell long ago, especially when Muslims from the area who knew him & his family contacted authorities with their concerns about his idealistic views on extremism.  We ask Muslims to do exactly what they have done, & they were ignored.  Once again it is children who suffer because authorities don’t listen.  Yes to an extent Katey is right that many ordinary people are scared.  Normal people from all sides, Muslims are fearful of retribution, some non-Muslims worry about innocent Muslims becoming targets.  Those who fall into the tick box of White British people, Black British people, Asian British people, White non -British people……..jeez wouldn’t 2 boxes, human & not human be simpler?  They are all scared to differing degrees, everyone handles things differently so some people are less scared, others more so.  But yes, absolutely the normal everyday person in Britain is scared of what next?  In fairness to Katey, because I am one of the first to her page when she goes too far,  I will be one of the first to praise her too, because this is one of the least inflammatory articles I’ve ever seen by her, I applaud her for not making the usual comments directing us to hate certain members of our general population.  It is to her credit she hasn’t done that.  It is important she didn’t go down that route because let us all not overlook the fact that the cowardly criminal who bombed that building jammed full of innocent people, most of who were children, were children & adults from all sections of our society.  He didn’t go in & usher out anyone who may have been of Lebanese decent themselves before pressing the detonator. The similarities between the Manchester bomb, & the bombs our politicians have dropped on other Countries, are perhaps the ashes from where ordinary people need to start rising from, & working together from.  A recognition by ordinary people that extremists are the issue, extremists on every side, including extremist governments such as our own. Ordinary people from the playground up, spanning across each & every section of our society are afraid. Afraid of each other because the media know how to manipulate the masses, they may not use bombs, but the physiological terror they induce, the way in which they word things, & draw your attention to what they want to draw it to is just as harmful.  It will only ever manage to cause further division between ordinary people.  Meanwhile, May, Hunt, & the rest are going on as normal, just a very well protected normal.  While we are all left to fend for ourselves.  Luckily we are not quite the broken society certain mainstream media outlets, & some celebrities would have us believe, so while fearful we are managing to live as normal as is possible in the situation we find ourselves in.  Just substantially less well protected than the aforementioned politicians.  I know this is a novel idea, but a government who cares about the people it serves would not be allowing themselves to be the ones protected when they already are safer than Joe Public.  I know for damn sure if I or many people I know were in the role of prime minister, we would be sending the armed forces away from our front doors,  on to the streets to patrol, check bags at crowded places, make sure kids were able to get to & from school safely, & so on.  The very people who are labelled pacifists, spineless, snowflakes, we would put children’s lives ahead of our own, every child’s life.  The Army being out on the streets would not totally eliminate any threat completely granted, but someone would have far less chance than at present to carry out any form of attack.  I have read that the Army are going to be coming into other areas, whether they do or not remains to be seen, & how far North that will be is also as yet a mystery.

The parts I don’t wholeheartedly agree with are that we are not living as normally as possible because we are. Being a nation of Great Britons on the whole, we know we actually have very little choice but to carry on.  As ever the vast majority are pulling together, are being extra vigilant & so on.   I think it is a bit naive to think we could function normally, as is thinking that Brexit, tighter immigration laws, & so on could have prevented this.  What could have prevented it was as I said earlier authorities taking action.  I do not agree with most of the ‘right side’ of the populous, but then, in all honesty, I think there are fewer people who far left, or far right among our population, & far more people who are actually just lost, & have absolutely no clear guidance or help from those supposedly in charge on how to change things.  When it comes to human rights for instance, yes absolutely we shouldn’t be hounded by the authorities, but things have become so skewed that nobody will do anything most of the time for fear of offending someone.  Whether that be someone you personally see as a leftie, rightie, wrongy, or a whatevery, there has to be some line drawn in the sand, where we say as a nation united enough.  Police absolutely do need more power again, no not abuse of power, but the power to be able to without fear of recriminations or cries of discrimination, go & detain someone if they have clear & credible evidence that person poses a threat to others.  What would you rather have, one person in a cell for a couple of hours, maybe days while investigations are carried out, or Manchester?  It is no secret I am a Corbyn fan on the whole, but I firmly believe the “for the many, not the few” works in this respect too.  I do not want to live in a Country that would turn away a familes with children desperate for help away from it’s borders out of fear, but nor do I want to live in a Country where one person’s right to not possibly be a little bit offended but live, to be bigger than the rights of everyone in this country to live, & live freely.

So how to plug the gaps between the ordinary people who are at either of the spectrum in all of this, & those who are actually more in the middle than it would appear?  People like Katey can help, start writing more articles which are balanced, not inflammatory to one end of the ‘spectrum’. Recognition by ordinary people that the vast majority of people in this country want the same, start working & concentrating on how to unite as a nation instead of being ripped apart from the inside out.  That is actually very easy if people stopped being so hateful.  I get where a lot of the hate comes from, but I absolutely know many of you don’t.  We hear the word institutionalised racism, actually, I think institutionalised fear is more accurate.  Humans are creatures.  Creatures are naturally wary of anything different, it is probably encoded in to our DNA to fear anything different, because at one time survival of the fittest was the human curse.  We are now allegedly evolved & educated.  It should be as easy as breathing to have a rational talk with your fearful side when it comes to the basics.  Is that person coming at me with a weapon, or are they just wearing a different colour jumper to me – I know that is being rather facticious, but hopefully it is something to which everyone can relate & realise how silly judging people for being different actually is. You are different from other members of your own family, in many different ways, but you wouldn’t get up in the morning & verbally (or otherwise), attack your own family would you?  It is absolutely possible to challenge your beliefs, change the way you automatically think, & that would be 75% of the battle won in terms of ‘fixing society’

As I began writing this I could hear my next door neighbour with her grandchildren cooking. together.  There were  2 older gentlemen out on the street discussing their frustrations with the government, the local council, how they feel let down. I was sat in my kitchen having not left my bungalow in over 2 weeks due to the severity of my disability & illness. The only humans I see are my neighbours when they’re out & about if I’m sat at my back door.  I picked up my phone to start writing again after my 2 neighbours, & one of the gentlemen who was out on the street all came together on my drive doing what we Brits do best – discussing the weather.  I am just the right side of 40, my neighbour at one side is 79, he is such a lovely man, we have exchanged birthday cards for the since I moved in here a couple of years ago, I know if I ever needed him I can call on him & vice versa. My neighbours at the other side, the family whose grandchildren visit & bring the lovely sounds of innocent carefree children playing out in the street at weekends, who will often bring me food round because they know I can’t cook for myself anymore.  I know I can always call on them too & again vice versa. The ordinary, decent grandparents who also happen to be Muslim.  I am sure some will read this & say how convenient, start giving it that I am some lefty libtard loon who helped cause Manchester – sorry to get in there first.  Believe what you will because I know every word is true.  That is why I don’t agree with saying Brits aren’t carrying on as normally as possible to a large extent. 3 generations, 3 different belief systems Muslim, Christian, & Agnostic, 3 sets of ordinary Brits gathered together with no hate or fear of each other. Where is this place? Some leafy middle class suburb? An affluent area unaffected by austerity? No, it’s Doncaster, South Yorkshire, up North. One of the areas of Great Britain where the impact of what happened to the miners in the 80s is still heavily felt. The town which boasts extremely high levels of AIDs, teenage pregnancy, single parents, families on benefits, high levels of unemployment, drug use & addiction, homelessness. The typical tale of a normal British town or City.   Coming back to this again after that, I was struck by some more ideas – let’s begin as small communities to unite more.  Despite being surrounded by other people, we are often extremely alone & isolated in this day & age. Do what you can yourself in your neighbourhood, have a coffee morning – whatever happened to people having their neighbours in for a cuppa? I  know you know the answer, fear, hate, & division has put a stop to a lot. Time for the big girl & boy pants people! Get over your fear as I said earlier, get on with each other.  Sadly it is a fact people have to move area now, it’s very rare for families to live even within a 10-minute drive of each other, let alone a few streets away.  Our younger generations are forced to move away in search of employment, so people end up without the support of loved ones, in that respect we are broken Britain.  We have a tiny council hall on our street, only really the size of my kitchen & living room combined. When I first moved in here the hall was used on Thursday afternoons for a friendly game of bingo, cuppa & cake. It’s no longer happening because the heating in there has broken, the council don’t have the money to fix it, sadly many of the regulars who are able, now go elsewhere for a game of bingo so it’s not worth setting it up again. The building just sits there unused. I would love this street to be able to gather together, raise the money to sort out the heating & start having events in there. If I were able to mobilise enough I’d start it off myself!   From grass roots community, solid neighbourhoods & friendships in spite of the government, in spite of any form of terror which wants to drive us apart, let’s all start pulling together.  Let it be us the ordinary people be who fix things because leaving it to the government quite frankly is akin to going to war to achieve peace!  I have seen many, including Katie Hopkins calling for action not words, saying it is time to rise up & sort this ourselves – so lets do just that!


Thank crystal horseshoes that human has shut up! None of it makes any sense anyway, and no other human will get it, so what was the point?!  It has wasted an afternoon which it could have spent entertaining me! Pffft!!

Unicorn Investigation Unit: Parties & Policies, not People & Propoganda.

I sit watching you humans lots, and you do make me chuckle at times.   I have heard and read, lots on the news, and on social media sites recently, about this general election coming up. I had to ask my pet human what it was all about, and it explained it all to me.  We have a similar thing on Mars, except for one thing -we don’t see the Unicorns faces, only which parties are in the election, and what their policies are because those are really the only things which matter, aren’t they?  Yes, you have a prime minister, but that person alone does not make, nor deal with things alone from what my pet human told me, and from the research I have done.   One other thing we use, which it doesn’t seem you humans look at very much, is history.  Unicorns love their history because it is a great way to learn about things, you can look at what went wrong, or right, when, and by who.

I decided to do a bit of research for you Humans, in the hope of giving you a fresh take on your political vision.  Let me start by introducing you to your political history Britain.  How many of you humans knows who has been Prime Minister, and which party they have been from for the last Century?  Shall we take a look, because I think you will be shocked;

The Last 9 British Prime Ministers
8 Prime ministers going back as far as anyone voting will have known
The first 9 Prime Ministers of the last 120 years

Unicorns are not renowned for their math skills, we are much better at glitter farts, looking pretty, and self-defence, but this unicorn has worked out that this means in the last 112 years In Britain, you have had;

  • 3 Liberal Prime Ministers, for a total of 16 years.  The last Liberal Prime Minister was Herbert Henry Asquith, he left office in 1916.  So in the last 101 years, you have never ever had a liberal Prime Minister in power, unless you count the coalition with the Conservatives, or Tories as you humans prefer to call them.

  • 6 Labour Prime Ministers, for a total of just over 23 years.  James Ramsey MacDonald in 1924, was only Prime Minister for a few months in 1924, which is why I said just over.  The last time you had a real Labour Prime Minister in power in Britain was 41 years ago when Harold Wilson left office in 1976.  Just to be clear on this, after all the reading, and listening to the various things this feisty Unicorn has, I have not included Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as Labour Prime Ministers, because, well, they were not real Labour people.  I know sometimes it seems to take a Unicorn to state the blindingly obvious, but New Labour were not real Labour.  They were TID, rather like CID – they both like the colour Blue, they are both in disguise, but are not always very good at the disguise part, meaning you can tell them a mile off.

  • You have had no less than 17 Tory Prime Ministers, they have been in charge of Britain for 81 years in the last 112 years as I went back to 1905 not 1900 for these figures.  

That probably shocks some of you, doesn’t it?  I have heard a lot from humans – even when they haven’t realised because we Unicorns have the power to read minds.  The overwhelming majority of humans alive in Britain today believe it does not matter who they give power to next month because they firmly believe all politicians are all the same.  ‘They all piss in the same pot’, I believe is the correct colloquialism.  Well I fail to see how many of you have come to this conclusion, given that unlike Unicorns humans are not immortal, how on earth could any of you aged below 40 even know?!  You have never ever known a real opposition party be in power by themselves, you have only known a Tory & Lib Dem coalition.  I will repeat again, for those who didn’t see or have forgotten, ‘New Labour’, Blair, Brown, and the rest of that particular rabble were not real Labour.  In doing what they did, they have left an unfortunate slur on the name of the Labour party, which is part of the reason some people will not vote for Labour.  I understand that the lies are at the heart of the reason you believe this, you were led into an illegal war, the economy was sunk, banks and building societies needed bailing out by you, the great British public – because let’s face it, it was your money, your taxes which went to bail everyone out of the mire.  If you are still in any doubt whatsoever over where Tony Blairs true alliegience lies, then please allow this Unicorn to present you with some rather compelling information, which you may have missed with the rest of the election stuff that is going on.

Your old Prime Minister, Mr Blair has been speaking about all things general election, and the man who claims to be a member of the Labour party recently said the following;

He also praised Theresa May, arguing: “She’s very sensible, she’s a very decent person, she’s very solid, I agree with a lot she says.”

Mr Blair has previously admitted that he “wouldn’t want to win on an old-fashioned leftist platform” like Jeremy Corbyn’s, “even if I thought it was the route to victory”.

Sourced from –

You can find this story online, from many different newspapers, & websites.  The main part of his argument is surrounding Brexit, and how he thinks you should vote for getting the easiest withdrawal for the British public from the EU.  But just look at that again humans, one of the men who some of you humans spotted as a Tory plant inside Labour, the rest, however, are of the belief he represents the Labour party in general.  He has just stuck up for the Tory party, and Theresa May.  I will also tell you in case you don’t read the article, or others on this, he is also threatening a return to Politics!

That brings me nicely on to the next issue which I think you people suffer from, the inability to look beyond the one public face leading a party, the one face who will become Prime Minister.  I happen to know that a lot of you are refusing to vote for Labour because you do not like Jeremy Corbyn.  Which begs the question do you like Theresa May?!  If not then as ever, this Unicorn is very confused with the way humans think.  All I have seen for a long time now is how badly the Tory party run the Country,  I have seen it for myself, in all honesty, I wouldn’t let any of that party brush my mane, or polish my head weapon/horn.  But some of you are going to vote for a Tory you dislike, a Tory party you dislike, and risk having them in power for many years yet despite how bad they are at the job.   Are you really going to cut your noses off to spite your faces?  Let me take highlight a few things for you here & now.  The prime minister is basically a talking head.  They do not have complete and utter control, the government has different people in charge of different areas, so for instance in charge of the NHS you have the health minister, in charge of the armed forces you have the defence secretary.  This is not a popularity contest between May and Corbyn, or any other talking head people.  This is you deciding, given all the available information, which party you are putting in charge of Britain in June.  What you need to be looking at is which party you trust, which party do think will make an effort to meet their campaign pledges, & which are just spouting things you have been complaining about out as policies to try and sway your vote?  Which party have proven historically they do not stick to what they say, what they promise is what they think you want to hear.  Now this Unicorn is not silly, and I am going to believe that most humans are not deep down, I seem to pick up a lot of misunderstanding and fear from many humans about many issues.  I understand your doubt, I had doubts before leaving Mars to come to Earth, but we unicorns have a saying, “Fear is only in our minds, but it’s taking over all the time”  Having known nothing else, I am sure some of your concerns are due to experiencing what we Unicorns describe as drip fed doubt syndrome.  I have noticed that many of your media outlets contain a lot of untruths or extremely manipulated versions of the truth.  You are told whose to blame for things by certain ‘newspapers’, even though a lot of you seem to be aware of some of it, many humans are not.  They think the other humans are conspiracy theorists, that they are a little bit barmy, that they do not know what they are talking about.  Thank goodness you have not got a head with a weapon on like we Unicorns, or I think you’d wipe each other our some days with your constant sniping and biting at each other.  Instead of arguing amongst yourselves you should be taking it upon yourselves to find out the real facts, discussing them with your family, friends, neighbours, see what the people closest to you think, so you can go make an informed vote.  I will also urge you again people to look at your own history.

The next part you human beings need to consider is what the main manifesto pledges, from each party the General Election 2017 are.  Do they meet your needs, do your think they are fair to the many, do you think they are pledges which even if you don’t totally agree with them, you compromise on in order to vote the best party into power.  For example, let us take a look at where each of the main parties stands on this dreadful Brexit business as this seems to be all many humans talk about.

To Brexit or not to Brexit

– Lib Dem – Their manifesto is to include a promise for holding another referendum about leaving the EU & the final Brexit deal.  The party would campaign for a Remain outcome.  Tim Farron has said campaigning against “hard” Brexit will be “front and centre” of the party’s election campaign. The party says the UK should remain in the single market and a vote should take place on the “final deal” between the UK and the European Union.   

– Labour’s shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer stated there will not be a second referendum if Labour were elected.  He did say there would have to be transitional arrangements at the end of the two-year Article 50 process.  He says Labour would prioritise our trade with the EU; it may mean Britain stay in the customs union, & would hopefully give EU citizens a guarantee they would be able to carry on living sin Britain, They would replace the government’s proposed Great Repeal Bill –  Britain would no longer be legally held to the 1972 European Communities Act, but some of the laws which we have been living by in the UK which were EU law, would be put forward to become UK law, they aim to do this with an EU Rights and Protections Bill.

 – Tory leader Theresa May has said there is “Absolutely no way” the UK can remain part of the single market.  She believes that would be the equivalent of “not actually leaving the EU”. She also says the UK needs to secure a new customs agreement, as things stand being part of the customs union prevents the UK being able to sign up on trade deals globally.  She has said voters need to show how much they are behind her, with a huge turn out & vote in favour of the Tory party.  She claims that this will boost her position when she is in talks with the rest of the EU, regarding Brexit.

– SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is still pushing for Scotland voted to have a special status within the EU after Brexit, this will include remaining in the single market, as Scotland voted to remain. She is also calling for a second referendum with regard to Scottish independence from England, before the Brexit package has been finalised.

– The Green Party have said they would offer a second referendum on the details of any Brexit deal, this referendum will give all those aged 16 upwards the right to vote.

You should have some idea after reading that which party you would vote for if it were on this subject alone.  However it is not the only one, I have heard Labour want to give all school children free school dinners, the Tories are pledging to improve mental health services, just as a couple of examples.  Now I am quite a good Unicorn when it comes to bringing you the information you need, I am however also a very busy Unicorn, I am getting my Hooves done soon, so do not have the time to sit & tell you what every manifesto, from every party contains.  You can go & look at that online, a word of warning from me, just be careful where you are sourcing news from, & the golden unwritten law of your cyber world, is that you should never ever rely on just one or two sources, look at lots of different articles, from many different sources.  You should from that be able to figure out which you agree with, and which you don’t. `And there you have it humans, the best way in which to decide where to cast your vote in a couple of weeks time.  My final advice is to you all, to not let your mind be swayed by others, friends, family, people or Unicorns on the internet.  It will be you who are amongst those who have to live with the outcome of the election.  If there are no spaces for Unicorns anymore, or if you collectively make a huge mistake, then I can fly back over to Mars to escape the consequences.  As yet humans do not possess that power, you do possess a mind, a heart, & a right to vote.  I hope this weary Unicorn has helped you a little bit, to better decide, or how else to think about where to put your vote,

I will be back sooner or later, as I have lots of things I have been investigating lately, & a, looking forward to bring you those stories. Until then, over & out!

Anyone doubting how Tory Tiny Tony & Big Blue Brown were, coloured graph 2015, other 2 present day May 2017, even the current Tory party are not as far right

May 2017

Labour politics map May 2017

Guardian news,not guardians of news

Take a look at @neilroytaylor’s Tweet:

Well this Unicorn is finding this most perplexing. What are they guardians of? Truth, fairness, unbiased reports? 
Can any human please explain? I get lost with your foreign language sometimes, & my pet human is asleep. 

USA spends 9 times more on defence than Russia. The UK spends almost 84% of the Russian total and yet the USA wants the UK to waste more money on NATO to combat non-existent “Russian aggression”. I think if the British public were aware of the true facts they would prefer this money to be […]

via Time for the UK to cut defence spending and to spend more on the NHS — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

Shadow Cab member comments on DPA breach and UniteCommunity member scandal

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald has spoken exclusively to the SKWAWKBOX about the recent scandals of the Labour/Gerard Coyne data breach and the related attempt by employed right-wing Labo…

Source: Shadow Cab member comments on DPA breach and UniteCommunity member scandal


There are probably some humans out there, who would question whether the NHS spending money on Mr Pearson is a waste of resources. As a visitor to your fine planet I strongly urge you to reconsider.

* Without Mr Pearson being kept in fine physical health, he would not be able to give his opinion on this matter.

* I have done a little bit of what you humans refer to as learning during my time on your planet. It would seem to me that it is likely Mr Pearson may have some kind of mental health problem. This could be making him come out with random statements – rather like Tourrettes. Treatment of mental health problems are just as important as treatment of physical ones. Without adequate assistance from the NHS it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, this man may go on suffering in silence – nobody would want that.

* Nigel is a local councillor for an area called Chard North, in Somerset. Nigel probably can’t afford to pay for private health care. That is another thing I have learnt since my arrival on Earth, nobody in this type of job is earning much money. They work tirelessly for the good of everyone on Earth, those in their Country, & local district, for very little in return.

* Freedom of speech seems to be a thing human beings are very proud of, & you will do anything to defend that freedom. If someone happens to disagree then it seems the way to solve things is to engage in name calling (I have noted humans are very lazy with their insults to be honest. Snowflake, social justice warrior, lefty, libtard, straw man, I fail to see how such words are an insult, but hey I am from Mars, so what do I know?).  
Without both sides of a book how do you keep the pages between in order?  It would be a real shame if you could not use the content of a book to evidence that something within the book is not that great. So we don’t want Nigel to be quiet, the more he talks the better. So again we absolutely must keep him healthy.

* To suggest Mr Pearson is a waste of resources, while arguing LGBT are not, is doing the self same thing as he is doing. Now as an Alien looking in on the human race, it would seem that this is exactly what making a controversial remark is designed to do. The controversial remarks are a set up.  And anyone who reduces themselves to the base level of what they are protesting against, is not going to help their side of the coin – as they wanted all along, those making these wild suggestions now have you looking bad.  So while this Alien thinks that the LGBT community here on earth are more than entitled to NHS funds being spent on them, I believe UKIP members & Mr Pearson are entitled to the same.

* On Mars we are able to tell by looking at someone if they are suffering from rising bile. This is an awful condition, it’s extremely painful, often debilitating. I can’t say for sure without speaking to him face to face, but from his picture it seems likely to me Nigel is suffering with rising bile. I think that is something that the NHS could treat for him, poor Nigel. Good job all you humans are sort of entitled to the same as one another!

* Nigel looks like he’s at the age when prostate cancer is much more likely to become an issue for males.  Regular prostate examination is required, & to deprive Nigel of a prostate examination is to deny him his human rights. I think I used human rights in the right context there?

Thanks for reading my take on this article.

A Unicorn from Mars

Ukip councillor Nigel Pearson claimed spending on LGBT services has ‘put out’ people (Picture: Somerset County Council)The NHS is in crisis because too much money is being wasted on LGBT services, a Ukip councillor has claimed. Nigel Pearson, a councillor for Chard North in Somerset, said the NHS has wasted £20,000 on ‘funding the gay, lesbian, bisexual…

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Explosive: Labour’s OWN legal case says must expel Progress, Labour First etc

My pet human had the following to say about this story:

About time!  Labour going back to what I thought Labour was about when I was young.   I assumed they were a party for Labourers – normal people, the every day man. By the time I could start to have a say in terms of voting, the head of the Labour party was someone who didn’t appear to be any different to the Conservative party members.  The Labour party was now “new labour”, Tony grinning Blair who I couldn’t stand led Labour to victory, but he was not someone I could vote for.
For the first time in my life I see someone at the helm of the Labour party, who is not as pretencious, who really does actually seem to care about people.  That man is Jeremy Corbyn.

Politics & human views on things seem rather odd to this Unicorn. I have seen & heard much from the Tory party about austerity, I have to say I’m a tad confused.  They seem to like the poor people to be really poor, but the rich people to be very rich. I asked my pet human about this, here is what it had to say:

It seems strange to me too Unicorn the way things have gone almost full circle.  
I always remember my Dad sitting watching the news at 6. I did not care much for the news back then, I was a kid, & everything on it always seemed so miserable & soul destroying.   One of my Dads favourite sayings was that the Government were like Robin Hood in reverse, they stole from the poor to give to the rich.  I know he absolutely hated Margaret That her because of what she did to the miners, & I have some memories of riots about poll tax.  When she was no longer Prime Minister I remember it was John someone – John Major I think.  My Dad hated him too, & I have to say that I didn’t much like the look of him, he always seemed to be smiling at you, not with you.  My Dad & I were pretty divided on a lot of topics, he didn’t like Tony Blair either, but he supported Margaret Thatcher & Tony Blair when it came to war.  I loved my Dad very much & always will, but he was also a man who didn’t like a lot of things.  He didn’t like Europe, women being able to drive let alone fly planes, same sex relationships, immigrants, anyone who was in any way different to him, & what he knew. Most of all he hated the Tories, & New Labour because they were not true Labour.  He was a member of the RAF, & understandably in many ways he despised Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams,  & the IRA.  
Had my Dad still been with us now I’m not sure what he would have thought about the politicians on offer.  I am fairly certain he would not be a fan of Corbyn, despite him being in most ways all the things my Dad wanted in a Prime minister.  I know he would have hated the Tories attacking the sick & disabled, but would have voted to leave the EU – I have absolutely no doubt in that because my Dad was racist, & Zenophobic.  The young me never really knew how to feel when he would say ‘All gays should be shot at birth’.  From a very young age I knew that I liked men & women, & a part of me always wondered if he wanted me dead then?  He was extremely proud of our British history, WWI, WWII & being victorious in defeating Hitler.  I can’t say I was fully aware back then of just how awful Hitler & the Nazi party were. I am also surprised to realise that my Dad would have been one of the people online now who get called bigots. Despite his hatred for the Tories, Thatcher, Germany even decades later, Blair, Elitism, the class divide in Britain, the IRA & so on, my Dad would have been one of the people who fell for the tactics used by the likes of Nigel Farage, & the Tories to blame everything on immigration, & the EU.  I can’t say I know what he would think about the American President who is in power right now.  He would not have liked him because he is rich, because of the obvious links to Russia, for many things, but in other ways he would be behind him – bombing Syria, & his views on Muslims for example.  
The older I have become, the more I actually feel pity for my Dad. I don’t believe he was a bad person, I think he was doing the best he could.  There were many things which made him afraid, & his own upbringing probably played a massive role in how he was shaped as a person. I inherited his love for Rock, Heavy metal, & real music, as did my brother.   I think my Dad for the most part missed many of the messages in music though.  He loved Black Sabbath, partly because they came from a humble, working class area, & that his own Dad was from Birmingham – where Ozzy & Co came from.  I don’t think he ever got the concept behind the song war pigs for example.  He most definitely didn’t understand the Wall album by Pink Floyd, he thought some of the lyrics in that album were used in the way he used the same sort of words & insults.  I have to wonder if he would be able to see what is happening in the world right now, how peoples minds are being messed around with. For for all intents & purposes, in a realm of fantasy, my Dad would have been himself as Hitler, fighting himself as Jeremy Corbyn.  
So I while I do find things right now odd, & I don’t like the way my Dad or those of the same kind of that mindset think, I can feel some empathy for some of those people. Not everyone who is alt-right or whatever we are calling it this week are bad people, just like all those who are lefties are good people.  Most people are just not very well informed,  & in some cases I think it can be beneficial not to be, for your own peace of mind if nothing else.  
I definitely see through the mind games & propaganda these parties use,  & I’m grateful that growing up as I did, being surrounded by the views held by my Dad (& my Mum, she has mellowed more now, but sadly she still falls for the likes of Britain First & UKIP). The views he had helped make me to the mostly grounded, well rounded, & open minded person I am today.

That is the hardest thing to overcome for many people though. They are brought up hearing hate, & they never bother to challenge that in their own minds.   They are quite happy to allow to be proud of defeating people who believed we should all be the same, yet support people who for personal gain prefer us to dislike those who are not the same as us.  If anyone truly believes that Nigel Farage hates the EU so much,  perhaps you should have a look at where his current wife, & ex-wife came from.  If you think he was interested in the working classes, & that leaving Europe is the right thing for the ordinary citizens,  go back & re-read what he promised, read again what Mr Cameron said, it was extremely telling that Davey Boy said he would remain prime minister whatever the results of the referendum, how many hours he intended to stay if the vote was leave, was the part he should have told you all.  I invite you to have a look at individual MPs, what seems to unite most of them, & Britain with America – nothing like a good real life game of Thunderbirds to further strengthen that special relationship!  The last time an English prime minister & an American president played battleships they succeeded in making a small group of Muslims so angry at seeing their friends, family, Country being ripped apart by missiles, they went on to create a group to stand up for what they believe in. You may have heard of them, they’re called ISIS.  Go do some research, look at where the most money is made – there is no weapons are us shops, but we sell more of those than we do toys in this Country.

This Unicorn thinks the line from a song my pet human likes is a good way to sum this up:

‘As popular war advances, peace is closer’

A Unicorn From Mars would like to thank The Skwawkbox for the original story.


The SKWAWKBOX has been covering a series of emails between Weaver Vale CLP (constituency Labour party) and Labour’s General Secretary, Iain McNicol, on the subject of damaging right-wing groups like Progress, Labour First, Saving Labour and others – and why their members are not expelled from the party.

mcnicol dishonourIn the most recent, dated the 13th of last month, McNicol attempted to avoid responsibility for taking action against those groups, who have relentlessly undermined the party and its leader, by claiming that the fact that they do not stand candidates against Labour, they were not in breach of the party’s rules.

The patent nonsense of that argument was pointed out brilliantly by Weaver Vale. But now new information has emerged that shows not only that McNicol’s argument is nonsense – but that at the same time, Labour was using the exact opposite argument in a court of law to expel a…

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An Ethical Dilemma, and A Patients Nightmare.

Mental Health Act, Capacity, & Euthanasia in the UK

Is the Mental Health Act being illegally used In Great Britain today?


This page is not finished yet, it is a work in progress, I am not well and can’t always write lots at a time 


To give you a little background to this post, I will share with you my own experiences. I may draw on other sources for reference, or comparisons, but it will mainly be written due to my own experiences, and the ethical dilemma Doctors and nurses face when the lines between mental and physical health blur.


I have been ill with various things for most of my life. Whether this was just unlucky, or if there is something more to it is a question I’ll never find the answer to because nobody is really interested – they want to treat the here and now, not bothered so much by the how. I question it because there’s a lot of illness in my maternal family, including a very rare illness, Downs Syndrome, and more.

I was about ten years old when my life of physical illness really began. I had some experience, I’d had my tonsils removed at eight, but many kids have that done. I’d had some horrific bouts of cystitis at a very young age – why is probably down to the condition that started the ride of a few highs, and far too many exceptionally low experiences with the NHS.

The start of the “mystery illness”  first hospitalised me overnight. I had crippling stomach pains, but they couldn’t find anything wrong, so I was sent on my way.

I was 12 when I started my periods, almost all the girls at that age were excited in an odd way – it is some sign we are ‘grown ups’ – the naivety of youth! I remember the night it happened quite clearly, the following day is a scar that will never fade. I went downstairs for my breakfast, all I had been thinking the entire time I was getting dressed was “Is this normal?”. By the time I sat for my breakfast I did not want to be a female, I did not want to have to put up with this pain for most of my life! It was unreal, I actually begged my Mum not to send me to school. My mum just said that this was something I was going to have to get used to, I wasn’t staying off school because I was on my period.  I remember my first lesson after registration was maths, provided it is still standing and unchanged, I could take you there now,  26 years later and show you exactly where I was sat. I could also show you where I had to run to in order to get to the toilets, and which cubicle I was violently sick in.  It was the pain which had made me sick.

The next several years of my life were an absolute nightmare. At school it did not matter if I went during break time to change my sanitary pad and tampon, if I was then in an hour long lesson I would flood to the point of it messing my skirt up. My mum used to have to write me letters to excuse me from P.E. at the worst times, or at the very least excuse me from showering after PE because I would have made such a mess in a communal shower. I don’t think you need much imagination to work out what bullies first taunted me over! Things went from bad to worse, I started getting crippling stomach pains after eating certain things, although oddly the same thing on another day I could eat no problem. I also started bleeding when I was opening my bowels. At about 13 years old as you can well imagine I sh uted for my Mum. She was alarmed by the amount of blood, and after it carried on happening she took me to the Drs. I have to be honest, I lost count of the various appointments, interspersed with emergency admissions to hospital with crippling stomach pains.

There are things I can’t forget no matter how hard I try. The investigation I had done called a sygmoidoscopy, I was screaming in pain, my mum was trying to comfort me, my dad outside in the waiting room had to leave because he couldn’t stand listening to me in so much pain. The Doctor was really very nasty, he told me to shut up, I was being ridiculous it didn’t hurt! At this point it is necessary to let you know that:

  • If you go & have this exact same procedure now, you are given either sedation or entonox (gas and air), so I am speculating that since that time they’ve discovered actually it does bloody hurt!
  • I have since also read posts on medical support forums where grown men have said they were in agony throughout the procedure.
  • When I eventually got diagnosed, regardless of whether or not that test hurt anyone else it would have hurt me!

By rights I was still a child at this tim, yet when I was admitted to hospital  I was always put on adult wards. One particular admission the lady in the bed next to me had gangrene in her feet – that sickly sweet smell has been etched in my memory forever. I heard another lady in the bed opposite me crash, the staff attempting CPR, her curtains being shut for ages, then she was just no longer there – I don’t think I actually realised at that point she had died, but it was still upsetting enough. I was on a drip, and wasn’t allowed to eat or drink. My Mum and Dad Knew I smoked, but they didn’t condone it as a rule,  however when one of the doctors tried telling them that there was nothing wrong with me, it was ‘all in my head’, and that all I did was sit in the TV room smoking, they’d not seen any evidence of rectal bleeding (well if a person is not eating for 9 days they tend not to to the toilet – odd that! My parents asked him what else did they expect me to do on an adult ward, with nothing to do, surrounded by extremely sick people, and when I wasn’t eating or drinking either?! I had also the week before just done a weeks worth of samples, I wasn’t allowed to eat red meat or brush my teeth to eliminate the blood coming from either source. So they also enquired why they weren’t looking at those samples, they’d seen them & knew there was blood in every single one! It later transpired after an investigation that the lab technician who had taken receipt of them had ‘forgotten to write in my notes about the blood, and didn’t send them for further evaluation, actually she accidentally threw them away! But never mind hey, I mean it was all in my head……..

At 16 as well as still suffering with my stomach, and the bleeding, I also got really ill, I also contracted a severe case of Glandular fever, it actually developed in to meningitis – it was timed to perfection, 2 weeks before my final exams.

My stomach issues were eventually diagnosed when I was 21, I mean 11 years was not bad was it…

Turned out I have Endometriosis, it was discovered during a laparoscopy (camera inserted in your stomach through the belly button.) A very prominent doctor in gynaecology happened to be visiting my local hospital at that time, and he specialised in Endometriosis. When I got back to the ward, and was awake the Doctors came and spoke with me, they explained What I had, and I was hit with the news that I would never have any children naturally again. Luckily I fell pregnant when I was 17 and have the most amazing son, he was not a planned baby, I was actually on the pill but was taking antibiotics,  my GP didn’t warn me that they could interfere with the pill working – but I would not change that for all the money in the world. I was still absolutely devastated That I was never going to give him any siblings, I always wanted at least 2 children. They told me that during the procedure they had tried to run dye through my fallopian tubes, but they were totally blocked. I even  had ‘guitar string’ of scar tissue going from my pelvis up to my liver, the specialist told Me I had the worst case he’d seen in 30 years – so at Least I won at something that day!

I could sit here for a few days and probably still be going through all the different operations, procedures, tests, illnesses and injuries I’ve had from then to now, so I will try to bring this first section to a bit of a close.

Currently I have Cirrhosis of the liver, stage 4, I have been suffering for over 2 years with spinal issues that have gotten worse and worse, No Doctor would listen to me in all honesty – I think they most definitely believed I was making up, or at the very least making things out to be worse than they are. I eventually found out in November (from an MRI I had done in The May when in hospital with my spinal symptoms…..), that I have a curvature in my cervical spine which is what affects my left arm, causes pain and all kinds in my shoulder, neck, shoulder blade, arm. I also in May had a bulging disc in my lumbar spine which even then was trapping the L5 S1 nerve roots. They did ANOTHER MRI While I was in hospital then – yet again I have still not been given any results for it!  After all these years I don’t give in to any illness easily, I’ve been up and out of bed after surgery when others are on morphine, so I am no wimp, but this pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone but rapists and paedophiles. Even my ex neighbour who had me so terrified I wouldn’t go to my own toilet during the night because you could hear through the walls – I wouldn’t even wish it on him. I have been prescribed painkillers for a long, long time with everything else (TO BE CONTINUED)