Why I sympathise with online facists

Hashtag Hug a Facist

I really fear for people who actually believe the shit they write online about “immigrants”, Muslims, LGBT, etc etc.

Let’s take a look at this scenario as an example of how hard life must be for them:

A poor facist is in an accident, a terrible, life threatening accident. What if the  only Doctors & Nurses available to treat them were “immigrants”? Obviously any self respecting fascist would refuse to be treated by an “immigrant”, therefore they will almost certainly die. What a tragedy that would be for the world.

One also has to question how aware any of them are of history, particularly their own families history? If they really looked in to their genealogy they’d eventually find out that in all likelihood they are descendents of “immigrants”, so when there is this “send immigrants home” cry, I am not entirely sure who they’re aiming it at? Is there like some kind of time scale in it? If you have lived in a Country you were not born in for 5 days you are a citizen, but if you’ve lived there for only 4 days you have to go?
Wow, I am telling you fascists must be far more intelligent than I am, because I can not work out who is meant to leave where, where everyone is going to “go back to” – given that they’re probably no longer safe to return to the Country they fled in many cases. What about an English man in New York? He’s an alien, a little alien, does he have to like to back to his own planet?


How do they ever get to eat out, buy groceries, ride public transport or use taxis, or anything actually? What if some dirty foreigner had made their meal, the taxi driver was a Muslim, or the checkout lady was on her period for heavens sakes!? No wonder they are always frowning – what they have to cope with in their heads on a daily basis – you can’t help but feel for their plight.  I do sincerely hope their GP is not anyone from the many sections of humanity they can’t tolerate, because they must struggle to get out and about, lack of sunlight can lead to a deficiency of Vitamin D, which will lead to chronic seasonal affective disorder.

I think we need to start a twitter campaign – hashtag hug a facist, let’s get it going viral people!

The new home guard – Don’t panic…… They have everyone’s interests at heart!

How low can they go?

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