How low can they go?

Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions

One of the outsourcing giants paid to assess disabled people for their eligibility for benefits appears to have admitted that it is standard practice – approved by the government – to ask claimants with mental health conditions why they failed to take their own lives.


Dear Maximus,

Why have I tried to end my life?

Quite simply because euthanasia is not legal. I have serious health problems, it is not cancer,  but it is terminal & I’m in severe pain constantly with other things. I have absolutely zero quality of life.

Why have I not been successful in ending my life?

I am not scared of dying, it would be a blessed relief, however like most people I don’t want to die alone, so I have gone to hospital on occasions after overdosing. Not to be saved, but so I am not alone while I pass away. I have refused treatment in every instance, but they play the capacity card, & say that the drugs have made me lose capacity, despite me saying the exact same thing as before I took the overdose, & again when I have got over the overdose. Several times fate has intervened & I have been found by sheer chance, I’m not lucky at all & I’m sure if it were not an actual full on commitment to try & end my life, that I’d have died by misadventure. The fact I DO want to die means I’ve been found just in time.
How I have actually survived several of my attempts doctors do not know because they would have killed most people.

But no, nobody claiming benefits is really ill either physically or mentally ill are they? Nobody who attempts suicide really means to end up dead the fools! Every case where someone is successful is just misguided & unfortunate, but hey, one less person to pay benefits to eh?!

It maddens me that if I kept an animal alive in the pain I’m in that I’d be prosecuted for cruelty. If I was pregnant I could decide for a number of weeks & for any reason at all  to terminate the pregnancy. Just to be clear I’m not a pro-lifer, I absolutely believe a couple/expectant parent should have the right to an abortion should they so choose. The reason I gave those examples however is because neither an animal or a foetus has any say at all in the decision of whether they live or not.
As an adult with capacity, with a proven terminal illness, & an array of physical health problems,  which are unfortunately costing the Country a lot of money in terms of medication alone –  I am not allowed any say in the matter of if I carry on living or not. Nor am I granted the dignity of a ‘pleasant’ death.
I’ve looked at Digitas by the way before anyone suggests that  –  I couldn’t even afford the flights there once just for myself,  let alone all the other costs involved.
So here I am in misery, being put through the ringer for having the audacity to be sick & disabled. Even worse though I am sick, disabled & poor! I absolutely do not fit in to the ideology of the master race which seems to be becoming more & more apparent from certain political parties.

Quite frankly never mind the fact we have not been successful in our suicide attempts –  it is a wonder none of us have either attempted or successfully murdered any of these puppets running the show yet.
I am fairly sure even someone with no previously diagnosed mental health problems would be able to claim diminished responsibility, & would subsequently be found unfit to stand trial for killing some of these reprehensible excuses for human beings!


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