I am a terrorist sympathiser.

So in world war one those who didn’t want to fight were conscientious objectors. Now according to David Cameron we’re terrorist sympathisers, and we reckon we’ve moved on as a species, seems not much has changed in over one hundred years to me.

I have always said I’d like a Tardis of my own to go time travelling and see what life was like years ago, and to see what it is like in the future. I wonder with the little freedom of information there was then, and lack of social media etc. How many didn’t really agree with war over a hundred years ago? How many just kept their mouths shut?

There really does have to be a better answer to evil than recreating evil of our own. I just don’t know how to deal with people who think the defence secretary, on the BBC news, was being honest, when he claimed there have been no civilian casualties in the first round of bombing? How exactly would they know anyway? Did he ring round all the civilians, checking they’re all OK?! Of course they’re going to say that. They don’t want to appear like they’ve got blood on their hands! They know how many people are against the bombing, they want to appear as clean as possible.

I feel despair at the fact in over a century we’ve not come up with a better way to deal with Tyrants. I am amazed that when normally people up and down the Country would say politicians are complete liars, yet many of those same people suddenly believe them, and support them when it comes to war.

It will never ever be the politicians who are hurt. They’re not hurt by bombs dropping on foreign soil, it will not be they who are affected when we now have some terrorists attack our Country. It will be us, me and you, those who agree to the bombing, and those that don’t. The politicians will all say they’re disgusted, and gloat in saying “We told you we’re doing the right thing”, while those of us who aren’t swallowing their bull will sit with our heads in our hands, thinking if you’d only listened to us, recoiling at how predictable the Governments speech will be.

I thought we lived in a democracy? At this point I think world war two was a waste of time, as we currently have our own Hitler in number Ten Downing Street. Why aren’t we being consultanted about whether we should bomb Syria? We are YOUR employers David, not the other way round!

Black Sabbaths War pigs track, is as relevant now as it ever was. I think I would have to dedicate it to David Cameron. I mean after all he’s very friendly with pigs, and is a War pig himself.